Latest Your Favourite Poison Spells Your Death

Your Favourite Poison Spells Your Death

alcohol-deathsIn the past few years, due to various factors, consumption of alcohol above the harmful level has risen to a great extent. According to a World Health Organization survey report, in 2012 alone there have been 3.3 million alcohol deaths world over.

Continuous consumption of alcohol results in alcohol dependence, as well as leads to vulnerability to high risk diseases including tuberculosis and pneumonia among 200 other such fatal diseases.

In a recent interview to reporters in Geneva, Shekhar Saxena, head of Mental Health and Substance Abuse department, WHO said, “This actually translates into one death every 10 seconds.”

The report also stated that an average estimate shows that, all the people in the world above the age of 15 consume 6.2 litres each of undiluted alcohol a year. However, since half of that reported age group does not drink any alcohol, hence the other half actually consumes 17 litres of pure alcohol a year. Men are at a greater risk of alcoholic deaths than women, though there has been a sharp rise in women drinkers in the past few years. Also, the lower economic strata are at a higher risk of societal and health vulnerabilities connected with alcohol, the report stated.

The reports also showed that 16% of them were binge drinkers- the most hazardous form of alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption has remained stable in Africa, America and Europe in the last half decade in spite of the fact that Europe is the highest consumer alcohol in a year. Consumption seems to be increasing in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific regions (as reported by WHO). China has been estimated to increase its consumption by 1.5 litres per year of undiluted alcohol by the year 2025. At the same time the WHO states that it wants to see a voluntary worldwide objective of 10% reduction in dangerous alcohol consumption by 2025.