Diet & Nutrition Stay Away from Bacon to Live Longer

Stay Away from Bacon to Live Longer

bacon-bad-for-healthAmerica has always been known for its obsession with anything bacon. According to a recent marketing survey, the annual bacon sale in the U.S. has increased to 9.5% in 2013 to reach an all- time high of $4 billion.

Much to the chagrin of cardiologists all over, America is in no mood to give up bacons in a hurry. In fact, they showed their affection towards bacon to the world through their bacon flavoured anything- from bourbon to condoms, envelopes to ice- creams. They went a step further with bacon- flavoured bowls which are used for putting cereal, soup, whatever you want to eat and then end up eating the bowl too!

Even the numerous bacon festival weeks held all over the country attract businessmen wanting to sell everything bacon- toothpastes to chocolate covered bacon roses.

Scientists all over the world tried to decipher America’s popular food. They said that it mainly contains three basic compositions that our taste buds innately crave: fat, salt and sugar (by adding sweeteners). Other researchers say that it has a unique savoury taste called umami that makes it so addictive.

The health repercussions of hogging on bacon are a lot. In a study in 2012 it was seen that having processes meats like bacon or sausage results in 20% increase in risks of cancer, heart diseases and Type-2 Diabetes. Another study found that men who consume more processed meat have higher chances of low sperm quality than men who don’t.

Apart from the high level cholesterol and fats in bacon, another aspect that makes it unhealthy is the content of sodium nitrite which restrains the growth of harmful bacteria. Thus frying it in high heat causes the release of nitrosamines, a leading cause for cancer in lab animals.

Due to these health scares, people are getting aware of the harmful affects of bacon.  With people becoming aware of healthy living, bacon does not feature anywhere near their healthy meal plans and low fat recipes. Thus, here’s hoping that the crazy bacon trend fades.