Latest Solo Dining – Good, Bad and The Ugly

Solo Dining – Good, Bad and The Ugly


alone-eatingWhat do you think of people eating out alone? Lonely, brave or crazy? It is mostly considered from our very childhood that people eat alone because they have no one to eat with. No person eats alone out of choice.

You would be shocked at what different cultures think of eating alone.

In Thailand it is believed to be bad luck to eat alone and many restaurants in Korea do not encourage unaccompanied eating.

In a Survey in 2006, 58% Americans admitted to eating alone regularly but said that there is a difference between eating out alone and at home.

Compared to America, Europeans are more tolerant of dining alone.  Nevertheless Koreans find it rude for a single person to hog a whole table in a restaurant and so they draw stares from others. However, others differ to agree and said that going solo in restaurants is not uncomfortable. Many Western- style restaurants are coming up and takeouts are getting popular.  It seems like after all it might not be too bad an idea to dine solo in Korea!

So why is it that while eating out alone we feel so awkward?

Like as mentioned in the beginning eating alone has always been associated with loneliness and we feel exposed while sitting in an intimate public place like a restaurant.  This very discomfort has resulted in novel restaurant in Amsterdam- Eenamal where there are only tables for one. The idea was to make people aware that eating alone is not a bad idea.

Another ramen house in Seoul offers private services for solo dining where one can eat in private and no one has to see anyone.

Latest innovations in the technological area have come up. They are good for the health and wellness of people too to maintain their sanity and comfort while dining alone.  Numerous apps like Japan’s ‘Dinner with my boyfriend’ or    ‘PlusBoys’ gives the virtual feeling of an interactive dining without actually having to meet the person.