Latest New Study Shows Skipping Breakfast Not Unhealthy For Weight Loss

New Study Shows Skipping Breakfast Not Unhealthy For Weight Loss

weight lossWe have always been told time and again that having a healthy breakfast is the key to losing weight.  However, this might not be totally correct.

According to a recent study, skipping breakfast might not be that bad an idea. Although earlier studies have indicated that there is a correlation between having breakfast and losing weight, but few studies could actually prove it through clinical trials. Whatever results they obtained it was through survey data collected from participants who were asked to report their eating patterns and compared the responses with their health records.

In this new study, the Department of Health Behavior- University of Alabama, studied the causal link between breakfast and weight loss rather than studying their correlation. They used a large, randomly control group to examine the effects of having breakfast on weight loss.

In the study, 300 overweight and obese people were asked to follow diets where either they had to have breakfast or skip it. After 16 week, the researchers compared the data of both the groups and found that the either groups lost  no more weight than what the other group did.

The researchers, however, said that skipping breakfast might not have direct connection to weight loss but surely affects other factors like resulting of high blood pressure, increase in insulin levels, triglycerides, free fatty acids and cholesterol deposits in the heart.

So, not only breakfast; you need to have overall healthy meal plans to reduce weight and stay healthy. Thus, if you belong to those groups of people who cannot hog down anything in the morning or frequently have to skip breakfasts, rest assured, eat healthy for the rest of the day and maintain your fitness levels.