Dental New Drill Free Technique for Healthy Teeth

New Drill Free Technique for Healthy Teeth

Dentist drillHaven’t you always loathed going to the dentist and hearing that awful sound of that scary drilling machine? How many times we wanted healthy teeth not only because it is good for us but also so that we don’t have to go to the dentist’s for that god-awful drill? There’s good news for people like us- the long- dreaded drill might become an extinct object to be found at the dentist’s. From what is to be heard, researchers from King’s College, London might have found an alternative whereby our teeth would be able to repair by themselves. If that actually works, it would herald a new era in dental health as it would mean no more visits to the dentist and healthy teeth at the same time.

This new procedure uses electricity to force minerals inside the layers of teeth enamel making them stronger. While we may not realize that, but our teeth experience continuous flow of minerals like calcium and phosphate, but residual acids from foods and beverages that remain in our mouths give birth to bacteria that erode the minerals off our teeth. This, in turn, gives rise to the formation of cavities and plaques.

The research combines the minerals with a small amount of electricity and drove those minerals deep inside each of the tooth, making it stronger and reducing the chances of formation of cavities in the future.

However, all these are still in the nascent stages and their patent is pending. Hence nothing is said right now and is being kept under wraps. You will not find any published researches or articles regarding its verification. Nonetheless a private sector company called Reminova is hoping to turn this thing from paper on to reality. The company has christened this technology as Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation, and they are hoping to bring this painless and hassle- free technique to the dentist’s office in about the next three years. So keep your fingers crossed and bid adieu to pain at your dentist’s.