Diseases & Treatments Is Cannabis Finally the Answer to Epilepsy?

Is Cannabis Finally the Answer to Epilepsy?


epilepsyParents of some children with serious epileptic seizures report that cannabis prevents those seizures, although this piece of information has been refuted by experts as its safety and effectiveness has not been medically proven.

Scientific proofs notwithstanding, many parents of epileptic children have related their experiences with cannabis in controlling those debilitating seizures. In a study where 19 parents gave a cannabis strain called cannabidiol or CBD, almost 50% of them reported that frequency of their children’s seizures decreased by a minimum of 80% This compound does not have hallucinatory properties nor does it give a ‘high’ of any kind. Cases as old as starting at 3 months of age with a frequency of almost 50 seizures a day have been said to be cured or reduced to only 2 or 3 seizures a month through the use of this compound.

Nevertheless, according to health experts, such isolated cases are exceptions and not the rule, and many of the results could due to the placebo effect or biasness of those affected.

Studies on animals on the effects of THC- the reason for cannabis’ mind- altering effects on epileptic seizures showed mixed results. Some of them did reduce seizures whereas on some the frequency increased. Most of researches studying the effects of CBD among other ingredients in cannabis were carried out on a small population and none of them were cross- checked. At last, it was concluded that CBD had only short- term effects in adults.

Safety study needs to be done on THC and CBD to scrutinize their composition, safety and effects with other medicines on the patients’ cognitive capability or any part of the brain. Till then, it would be inappropriate on the part of those associated with the health department of any state or country to draw any conclusion.