Diet & Nutrition How to Eat Your Chocolate Guilt-Free?

How to Eat Your Chocolate Guilt-Free?

chocolate-loveDark chocolate has always been known for its health benefits especially to heart and blood pressure. However, a lot of people have problem in eating in moderation and tend to have more than they should. Here are some healthy ways of including dark chocolate in your diet plans.


Add in a few chips or chopped bits to your fruit smoothies, you can also whip in some unsweetened cocoa powder for added benefits. Use pure or unprocessed cocoa powder as they are healthier alternatives then processed ones.


Give your breakfast a healthy and tasty twist by adding some chopped squares of dark chocolate in your oats porridge or garnish some shavings on to your bowl of cold cornflakes along with some fruit like chopped strawberries, apples or bananas. Researches have shown that this way you do not gain weight by keeping your hunger pangs in check and preventing you from gaining rebound weight by starving yourself that most people who diet or workout suffer from.

Make your own chocolate syrup

You can add melted chocolate (by adding a bit of water while heating) onto your boring diet foods like fruit salads, popcorns without butter, even veggies both roasted and raw. Just keep on experimenting.

Fold them with healthy butter

Mix them with a variety of nut and seed butters ranging from walnut to almond, pecan and coconut as well as sunflower seeds and many more. You can even spread it onto brown breads or use them as dips and fillings in carrots, celery, bread sticks and use them in place of cheese or mayo for your veggie sandwich.

Make it a Gastronome’s Delight

If you can add them with vegetables, why not incorporate them in salted dishes. Even, mole- a Mexican sauce is made from chocolate, chilly and spices. You can even add chocolate to hummus, vegetable fajitas, anything.