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How to Balance Your Work and Life in 7 Easy Steps


Work-Life-BalanceEvery working adult between the ages of 25 and 50 has gone through this dilemma at least once in their life: “Is there any way to balance work and life?”

Balancing your work and life is pretty difficult but not at all unattainable. Here are some ways how you can keep sane and bring about that balance.

1. Schedule your dates right.

Have a single calendar for both your office and personal work, and divide every work into slabs. Have no distractions for that period. Treat both of them as equal and that way the possibility of forgetting anything is less.

2.  Keep your cell on Silent mode

Focus on the work on hand- it could be your presentation for the next meeting or planning a surprise party for your friend. You will be more productive and finish early.

3.  Include working out in your schedule.

Even if it is for 10 minutes or 30 ensure that you exercise. It would keep you healthy and motivated apart from energizing you for the day. Make sure you always schedule it for mornings. Make your workouts worth your time. Do full- body workouts and burn calories faster.

4. Know your aims.

Find your values; work on your goals according to those values. Make a budget and try your best to stick to it.

5. Proper micromanagement.

Putting your phone won’t alone help. Talk with your work people about the time slot you would be available and the same goes for your family and friends as well.

6.  Communicate your problems.

Sometimes managing everything becomes a tad difficult. Refrain from unnecessary responsibilities and commitments. Say no once in a while. Take out some ‘me- time’ and relax.

7.  Prepare beforehand.

Before you call it night, make sure you have everything ready for the next day so that there is no rush for work. Also, have sufficient sleep and relax with a book or do yoga before sleep.