Fitness Get Rid of Cellulites in 4 Easy Steps

Get Rid of Cellulites in 4 Easy Steps


Teenagers and adults alike suffer from ‘ugly’ looking fat deposits called cellulites.  However, they might get worse with age. Here are some exercises to help you reduce cellulites and give a firmer skin.

Do 1 set of 10 or 15 repetitions 3 days in a week. Warm up properly before starting with mild exercises like walking, cycling or calisthenics.

Side Work:

Side WorkIt is for your quadriceps, hamstring, gluteus, adductor and abductor muscles. You can use dumbbells but they can be done free hand as well by keeping them on your hips. Position your legs shoulder width- apart and toes pointed at 45 degree. Keep your back level.  Keep your hands (or dumbbells) on your hips and take a big step front with your knees bent. Hold that position and repeat the same with the other leg.

Gluteal Workout

Gluteal WorkoutIt works on your gluteal muscles. While doing this ensure that you do not stress your back by hunching or arching your back. Using ankle weights or dumbbells go down on your forearms and knees and keep your eyes down.  Staying in that position, slowly move your left leg left and lift it up. Maintain that position for 1 second and then repeat with the other leg.

Inner Thigh Lift

Inner Thigh LiftBy this workout you can have taut and strong thighs. Rest your head on your left upper arm and lie on your side. Put your right hand in front of chest on the floor.  Extend your bottom leg and bend your above knee till it touches the knee of your bottom leg.  Gradually raise your bottom leg as much as you can for a second. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Outer Thigh Pull

Outer Thigh PullAll you need is an exercise band for this leg pull. Lie straight on your back. Tie the band around both your angles loosely, and then extend both your legs on opposite ends as far as you can. Hold that position for sometime and bring your legs back again.