Sex, Love & Relationship Avoiding Money Talk Could Ruin Your Relationship

Avoiding Money Talk Could Ruin Your Relationship

couple-fightA relationship is based on many things like love, trust and loyalty, but one thing many people won’t tell you but is equally important if not more is finances. Right from handling finances to knowing each others’ bank account numbers, everything money- related is important. It has been seen that the most common reason for arguments among couples is related to financial matters. In fact it results in on an average, three fights in a month. The study was conducted on over 1000 adults by Harris Interactive. This topic of contention was found to provoke more arguments than household chores, children, work, family or friends.

So which financial aspect is it exactly that prompts these fights? 50% of the participants said that their arguments were mostly due to unexpected or unnecessary expenses. 32% fought because of insufficient savings. No surprise here- we get stressed thinking about handling our individual finances; handling joint accounts, balancing household budget surely would be a source of many headaches. Should these apparently inconsequential fights be ignored? Nope. According to a survey done by the National Marriage Project, couples who argue about financial matters at least once in a week are 30% more likely to end up in divorces than those who had lesser dissents.

However, these figures should not come in the way of discussing money matters with your partner. As a matter of fact, discussing financial problems result in lesser disputes than avoiding them. Majority of the respondents- 55% of them to be exact- confessed that they do not set aside time regularly to talk about money problems. 30% of the participants even said that they have lied to their partners about their finances.

Agreed that discussing household budget and balancing finances is barely your idea of romance, but if you want your relationship to stay strong, planning your finances is very important.