Diet & Nutrition Add High Fat Foods in Breakfast While Doing a Weight Loss

Add High Fat Foods in Breakfast While Doing a Weight Loss

weight-loss-with-fat-food-brakfastBreakfast is important meal of the day, especially when you are trying to lose weight. However, what you are eating for your breakfast is also important. For instance, toasts for breakfast increases your risks for gaining weight. At the same time, having eggs in the morning might help you out to stay slim and trim. A recent study on how breakfast could assist weight loss by the journal ‘Appetite’ says that high carb and low fat breakfasts make you put on weight while low- carb, high- fat one might help you lose weight.

The study- done by researchers from University of Alabama- used 64 people between the ages 21 and 50 and were asked to eat two breakfasts: a high on carb, low on fat breakfast or low on carb, high on fat one. The subjects ate their meals each day for a month. After they had the period where they were adjusted with the meals, the researchers asked them to have their breakfasts again. However, they measured the participants’ levels of insulin and glucose-before and after breakfasts. Afterwards they were also asked to rate their appetite levels.

The results showed that the low on carbs meal had won hands down. Participants placed in that group said that they felt less hungry even three to four hours past breakfast. On the other hand, those who were on the high- carb, low- fat diet said they felt hungry early as the carbs caused their sugar levels to go down faster. They also had a swifter rise and fall in glucose levels. Researchers concluded that fat tends to keep us fuller and thus no hunger pangs for a long time.

So go ahead- eat your eggs sunny side up and take spoonfuls of your low- fat or even full- fat yoghurt to your heart’s content at the breakfast table.