Diet & Nutrition 6 Tricks to Keep Food Fresh Longer Than Usual

6 Tricks to Keep Food Fresh Longer Than Usual


keep-food-freshMany a times it must have happened to you that you had to throw away your favourite food items from the refrigerator because it went bad. Unwillingly, numerous times you had to waste food items. Not anymore- here are some quick tricks to make foods stay fresh longer.

  1. Wash your fresh berries in 10 parts of water and one part of vinegar to keep them fresh longer. The vinegar should be diluted enough as not to compromise with the taste of the berries. Rinse them properly and store them in the fridge.
  2. Sour cream and cottage cheese should be placed upside- down in refrigerators. This way it generates a vacuum thus inhibiting the growth of food- spoiling bacteria.
  3. Soft herbs should be treated like fresh flowers. Do not wrap fresh herbs like parsley and oregano in plastic bags and store them in refrigerator. Instead keep them on your kitchen counter in a bowl of fresh water like with flowers. Don’t forget to change the water every few days to keep them fresh for longer.
  4. Turn down the temperature of the refrigerator by not more than two degrees. This you can extend the shelf life of most food items. However do not go below 26 degrees Fahrenheit as the items might form ice crystals on them.
  5. You can lengthen the life span of most of the fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator which are not fresh but are not worthy of throwing away either by making a type of drinking vinegar known as shrub syrup. It was used widely during Colonial times to preserve foods longer.
  6. Stick printouts of the information regarding the shelf life of the items of your food pyramid you bought. That way you will be able to use those which might perish earlier and keep those with a longer best- before dates for a while. It would help you to know what should be disposed of and what can be used in your meals and what not.