Sex, Love & Relationship 6 Things Men Want From Girlfriend

6 Things Men Want From Girlfriend

what-men-want-in-girlfiendFor years women have always wanted to know what their men wanted their girlfriends to be like. It is no head- scratcher and the criteria are real simple. Here’s the lowdown for what men want their real girlfriends or soul mates to be like:

An Independent Woman Who Lives Her Life As It Should Be Lived

This means that you should know to take of yourself, have a sense of personal style and find time for family and friends. You do what you love doing and don’t give up on your idea of fun after you meet your man. She does not take anything lying down- cheating, lying and verbal/ physical abuses included.

She Never Chases nor Pursues

Although no true consensus exists, but it has been seen that that making plans or initiating dates should be better left to men and they like it that way. The reason: if the woman always calls the shots, she will never know whether he is actually interested in her or doing it for convenience.

She Waits Before Taking it to the Next Level

Women expect a lot from men after they sleep together. This causes men to flee from the window. Wait for at least a month before taking your relationship to the bedroom.

Do Small Things to Show You Care

Asking about his day, listening to him talk about his childhood or cooking his favourite meal- they all contribute hugely in making him realize that you are the one. However, ensure that he cares for you that way too.

The Best Cheerleader He Could Find

Right from laughing at his jokes to encouraging him when he falters is important. However, he should have the same effect in your life too.

She Chooses Wisely and Knows That Love is the Key

She chooses a man who has compatible view with her, especially on matters of finances. He is true to her and knows that chivalry is not dead. She knows that falling in love is easy but staying in love is difficult and plays equal role with her man in keeping the spark alive.