Beauty 6 Early Ageing Factors + Their Solutions

6 Early Ageing Factors + Their Solutions


anti-aging-solutionsYou think you are ageing quicker than you should? Then it is time that you do some revaluation of the foods you eat and the daily routine you follow. Some of the age- acceleration reasons and ways to take care of them are:


Many think it is good to juggle many work together, but it is completely wrong- this results in the release of cell damaging free radicals due to stress and hence in faster ageing. Focus on one job at a time.

You Sleep Less:

Do not sleep for less than five hours a night. This leads to faster ageing signs like dark circles as well as a shorter life.

You Stay Glued on to the Tube for Hours:

According to a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine on 11,000 Australians aged 25 and older, watching TV for an hour cuts your life span by 22 minutes. Not only watching TV, but sitting on the desk working or staring at the computer takes your life slowly by the minute. Take a brief walk for every 30 minutes you sit around.

You don’t Use Skincare Products:

Include routine skincare regime in your schedule like sunscreen, cleansing and eye- cream. Eye- creams are especially important as the skin under our eyes age faster than any other part. Use sunscreen even if it is cloudy or rainy outside. Harmful UV rays make your skin age quicker. Cleanse your skin properly before sleeping. Make-up can age your skin with their ingredients in more ways than one.

You sit in front of the fireplace for a long time:

Although you might be tempted to stay near warm crackling fires or electric heaters for a long time during winters, but they make your skin dry resulting in early wrinkles. Use a humidifier to counteract the effects of the heat.

You Are on a Fat- Free Diet:

Cutting all the good fats from your diet is not a good idea. Eat oily fish, walnuts and flax seeds to keep your skin soft and bouncy.