Weight Loss 10 Reasons Why Morning Exercise Is Better For Quick Weight Loss

10 Reasons Why Morning Exercise Is Better For Quick Weight Loss


morning-exerciseIf there is a single factor which is very important to stay fit, it is to exercise first thing in the morning- every single morning, even if it is a 10 minute walk, it is important to do something in the morning.

Why mornings you might ask. For these reasons:

1. It has been seen that 90% of people who exercise in the morning are more consistent than those who don’t.

2. Exercising in the morning spikes up your metabolism and keeps it running for nearly 24 hours thus helping you burn more calories.

3. It keeps you energized the whole day. You will feel the difference on days when you don’t workout.

4. Morning exercise regulates your appetite and helps you make healthy food choices.

5. Your body has regular endocrine and circadian rhythms. This in turn has several wonderful benefits to your body:

a) Your body is prepared to wake up at the same time which is not the case when you have different wake- up timings.

b) Your metabolism and hormones elevate when you sleep, thus making you more alert and energized when you wake up.

c) Your body gets ready for exercise through regulation of blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

6. Morning exercises are something that makes you look forward to. It is a great time for thinking clearly, planning for the day, praying and mental detoxing.

7. Exercise increases your brain power and mental acuity, and lasts, on an average, for 4- 10 hours a day! This means more creativity, more analyzing and reasoning abilities.

8. Exercising in the morning ensures that you never miss out on it. With our hectic schedules, exercising in other times means it takes the backburner.

9.  If staying healthy or losing weight is your priority, you can get up 30- 60 minutes earlier to workout. Sleep earlier if needed. Researches have shown people who exercise regularly have higher quality sleep.

10. You will always be happy and cheerful the whole day every day!